Reprinted from the Point of Light Magazine                      


Are Psychics really weenies?

by Tamar George

One of my friends handed me a newspaper article about a psychic’s response to life, a cute editorial in USA Today.  It didn't contain anything I didn’t know.  It just quoted the psychic saying, “When I’m at a cocktail party and I say that I’m a psychic for a living , people right away think I can read their minds or they say, ‘Hey, what’s my future?’ and laugh sarcastically.”  That got me thinking.  I know what a stockbroker does, and an accountant.  But why the confusion over what a psychic does?

I think it’s because we don’t have a National Organization for Psychics, a committee who establishes the guidelines for what the profession looks like.  Also a forum to get rid of bad propaganda.  For instance, why Saul wasn’t allowed to visit the Witch of Endor in the Bible.  She told him that what he was acting upon in his life, was not going to have a favorable outcome.  His children were already telling him that!  So what was the big deal?

You might see now why there is so much misunderstanding and that psychics might each work differently.

 I would also want to lobby for better looking infomercial's. From the latest batch it sounds like all we do is tell people that so and so is cheating on them.

There have been some interesting insights on the Internet about how to tell a good psychic from a bad one. I was glad to see that personal appearance wasn’t on the list.  Some of us can dress pretty weird, so I’m happy that is not the basis of being a good or bad psychic.

So what would the criteria or check list be?

Well, I always think education is the first thing.

Being aware of the ground rules.  Some psychics aren’t even aware that there are ground rules.

What are the ground rules?

People seeking advice are looking for that! Advice.  Advice, according to Webster’s, is a recommendation regarding a decision or course of action; counsel, information.  Okay, now look at the person you’re getting the advice from.  How is their life?  Is it working?  Are they the example of the advice they’re giving?

You might believe they don’t have to be an example, because they are just receiving information from another source. They are intuitive!

Like a radio station, for example.  They just tune in and start the show.  Did you ever think they might be a FM station and are receiving AM programming?  If you’re not living it, it is real hard to receive the information correctly.   To understand the higher view in our example, the radio waves of spirit are always correct.  The receivers are just not set up properly.  Static is building.

How do you know when the psychic is giving out static?  This is when a psychic is a weenie.  It comes out in absolutes.  This is absolutely going to happen, you must do this!  Anything that sounds negative is negative!  It is fear.

Spirit doesn’t work in absolutes or fear.

Spirit always gives choices.  It doesn’t give time periods because Spirit doesn’t know time!   It’s all happening at once for the spiritual realm.  Spirit doesn’t give the future because you have free will.  You can change your mind.  That is the trouble with this planet; we are always changing our minds.  Every one of us.

People often say, “But this psychic told me this was going to happen.”  I would say, but who created it? This future was sitting there as a possible roadway to go down, but there were also fifty choices you didn’t see.  It looked like a good probable reality.  Yes, a guess.

Nothing is absolute, except your death and even then you might choose to hang on by a thread for years. Anyhow, it looked like the best guess and Presto!, it happened.   My hope would be that you wanted it to happen that way.

You still have the free will to say no to any suggestion.  I can’t tell you how much delusion (lies we don’t realize) exists.  Things you told yourself were a full truth but, well, the lies had seeped in.  We want to believe the future is set so we can control it.   But if we really knew our future, we would be bored to tears at the prospects and probably go looking for Dr. Death.  No, it’s the journey, the passage, the process, according to all the books and great gurus.  It’s not the outcome.

It’s how you love along the way. That’s what it is about.

A good psychic advises you on the path.

The psychic encourages, never discourages.

Spirit will drop diamonds in front of you, magical information you didn’t know they knew!  And believe me they know everything about you.  You are not alone. That is a statement, I don’t even question.

You can have any information that would offer counsel to your life, but you will still have to make the choices.  You won’t get to blame anyone else (even Spirit) for being wrong about your life.

Most people don’t want that responsibility.  They want someone else to do it for them and when that doesn’t work, and it turns out so wrong, they dwell in anger.  I have had a few hostile clients who did not want the self responsibility.   In their minds, I was wrong or a bad psychic because they didn't get the answer they wanted.   And the truth is, if I had lied and given them the answer, they still wouldn't have believed it?  A victim chooses not to see.

Why do I do this?  I get to see the results of encouragement, of being a cheerleader, of not taking another's power from them. Psychics don't have your answers.  They have a perspective you might be able to gain some wisdom from.  

In fact, I decided not to say that I'm not a psychic at the cocktail party anymore, like the lady in the USA Today article.  I say that I'm a personal spiritual trainer, one who helps another get in shape to handle anything coming their way.  And even more important than that, to teach them how to be psychic.  

 I learned from Spirit that I could do this.  I went into training to be psychic.  It isn't hard to do..but first you must learn the ground rules! (end of article)