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Graduating Earth School Radio -Spiritual Assignments given in meditation and teachings.

We all have an opinion radio show (listen to pre-recorded show) This is a show about everyone having an opinion. It's the first show, so that when I start recording more shows, I'll be referring back to it.


An interview with Tamar George (listen to pre-recorded show) This is a show about Tamar George and her psychic work.


An interview with Susan Rupani (listen to pre-recorded show) This is a interview with Susan an energy practitioner, spiritual counselor and teacher in the Pittsburgh area.


About radio show host Tamar George. Tamar has been working in the psychic field for 30 years now. Tamar is a psychic/channel, medical clairvoyant, healer, past life therapist, artist, author, web page designer, and teacher at many seminars. Tamar is a symbolist, because she is an artist. Tamar has every book on symbolic art. This study of symbolism has lead her to study world religions. Historically, religion means 'going back to Source.' Which in Tamar's language is graduating Earth School. There are many paths, it's important that we don't choose cynicism, but choose a path to jump on.

This radio show will be about those many pathways that lead back to Source. What works and what doesn't work. Tamar will do a variety of shows on different subjects as well as interview others.



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