Tamar George Psychic Coach

Relationship counselor, Communication counselor in Relationships.


Before you read my qualifications, ask yourself why you would not hire a psychic coach for your life? What are the justifications to continue a life or beliefs that don't work for you? How many times a day do you have self loathing thoughts or even morbid thoughts about yourself and your life. Okay, now that you were honest for a minute, read why you might choose to do this.

What are your qualifications Tamar?

Tamar George has been working to sharpen her intuition for 30 years now. She has been receiving guidance from Spirit since she was a child. Most people think Tamar is younger then her 68 years. She has life experience plus amazing intuition. Tamar was told her psychic ability's were brought with her into this world, so she could help people? Tamar has been working with the public for 30 years now doing readings. Most of her psychic readings were already coaching because she realized telling people probable outcomes (in a reading) was not really helping anyone, because they were not changing anything. We usually choose to just keep repeating the same old patterns of pain over and over again. That what we want in a reading is to not have to take responsibility for changing our issues. We justify that we have right thinking and right action. Yet our life reflects things are really wrong.

Tamar has studied with best spiritual teachers present in the world today including the ones not present.

Intuitive coaching is a process set up to have Spirit take you by the hand and guide you over the obstacles of life.

Why do this work?

Can you imagine having someone (a goddess archetype) a phone call away to listen to what is going on in your life and then bringing you back to a place of power and harmony? What a gift. Stress is the number one killer of humans. We take our stressful issues and transfer it into disease and mental illness. In the process of coaching you can take your stress and let go of it. Can you possibly imagine letting go of the same old issues and embracing change as a good thing? Seriously can you even imagine for a moment, a life of peace and serenity.

Intuitive Coaching is a method that uses one’s psychic abilities as a foundation to psychically scan your mental, emotional and unconscious self. Spirit then let's the coach know the direction to start in. Once the person becomes aware of certain limitations and hidden strengths, they then can more actively participate in creating new pathways in their life.

The Intuitive Coach helps the other discover the key to self-realization and true success.

The Intuitive coach better have their life in order in order to be the example. I offer a life that is working. I have the joy, the wholeness, the grandkids, the relationship, the two addresses and the successful, artist, author, coaching career.

I let go of my old patterns and continue working with my own coach to let go of more and more thoughts that don't empower me. It's on going training. If you think that you can ever really be done and that you can know everything. Well, at that moment you stopped growing and you are part of the walking dead of this world. Look around you, you will see the zombies everywhere. Our thoughts create patterns as continued lack of success, lack of money, health issues, relationship un empowerment and all the fear around all these issues.

What to do? You must change your patterns. It doesn't happen over night or in one session. It happens with consistency, focus and determination. And that works.

Imagine holding a mirror and when you look into it you can see the patterns in your life in exquisite detail. The key is to first see the patterns. These are aspects you cannot likely see for yourself. Once you can clearly see the patterns of your life - you can change them. A coach is not attached to your patterns and has great insight to what they are and what to do.

Can you do this yourself, sure. Will you? Not likely, you will get distracted and go back to those old patterns out of habit. That's the problem. A intuitive coach will give you something to do and active homework to report back with.

I've heard every story imaginable in the last 28 years. Rather than focusing on the "story" that manifests as a result of these patterns, we are able to work directly with the patterns themselves and rewrite a new story.

This is a co-creative work and this work is interactive and will develop the clients own innate psychic/intuitive abilities.

What will I benefit?

You will gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you are doing here, what you have accomplished thus far and what's blocking you from what you want.

You will get answers about your life and relationships. You will be able to identify and clear blocks. You will be able to hear your spirit's desired direction for your life. You will find trust in you, trust in others

You will...

Release feelings of loss and grief over wasted time. Find wholeness. Resolve past traumas and abuse. Develop better coping abilities. Create and maintain healthy relationships. Deepen your spiritual ability to experience bliss. Discover insights for wholeness and wellness. Regain hope. Enhance your self-esteem. Build a better self-image. Increase self-worth. Increase your ability to attract the energy of money. Deal with stress more efficiently. Deal with difficult people more effectively. Build and sustain success in all that you desire. Creating motivating vision and mission statements.

What subjects do you coach?

Coaching that I do is for transition and changes, letting go of resistance, surrendering to what your heart says, giving up holding yourself back, moving forward, owning your gifts, living in joy and truth, and living life as fun.

Coaching in ...

Love & Romance: Making Time for Your Relationship or to have a relationship? Soul Mates?

Careers & Employment: Steps to Transforming Your Career

Creativity: Drawing On Creativity: How To bring your thoughts into reality

Death, Grief & Bereavement: Dealing Positively With The Loss Of Love Ones

Depression: forgive but not forgetting

Divorce: Extreme Breakup Recovery: Maximum Healing / Minimum Time. How To Keep Your Balance In A Divorce

Emotions: How to not get angry or crazy

Healthy Living: Aches, Pains, and Injuries. Let's do a intuitive diagnosis

Marriage: Clues Your Partner is Having an Affair? What you need to Know about Extramarital Affairs...and what you can do to help you or others

Men: The Male Mid-Life Crisis. Surviving The Male Mid-Life Crisis

Mind, Body & Spirit: The reason I'm here

Who Are You and does the God within you matter to you?: Love WHO you are.

Parenting & Family: What is really going on with these family members past patterns?

Personal Improvement & Growth: Why would you want to Improve Your Communication Skills? Why would you want to personally grow?

Relationships and Dating: Loving self is the only way to attract someone who loves themselves.

Self Esteem: Improving Your Self Esteem. Improving your connection to the Universe

Stress & Anxiety: Practical Ways to Bring Enchantment into Your Life

Hypnosis for past life patterns, past life could be this life: Why do we repeat everything over and over.

Women: The Women's Movement: Being a Goddess and What's that All About Moms at Midlife

How do we get started?

We can do this on the phone from anywhere in the world.

Psychic coaching sessions are completely private and confidential, and are customized to your specific requests. Each session is unique and based upon your immediate wants and needs. We begin by clarifying a specific intention and the session evolves from my skills to merge with you and here spirit. I have had success with others in all the areas posted above: The best coaching session lasts approximately one hour and includes energy healing along with it. I will help with removing old negative energy and issues from your aura and physical body, so that you can better take steps forward instead of backward.

You can pay on secure paypal and below is a link. Just scroll down the page until you come to paypal.

you can pay on this link -click here for page

Session rate: for phone sessions cell phone: 412-389-0679

phone or in person or at my office ........$55 an hour,

.. This is a very secure way to purchase a phone reading. Your first step is to trust I set up a secure way to handle the money. The second step is to trust that I will respond and be responsible to you. I can trust me to do that. When you don't trust this process or me, it's really because you don't trust you. It's those old patterns of sabotage.

The email from paypal will come to me right away saying that your email purchased time. I will email you right back. If I don't, I'm day traveling, and will get to you, asap.


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