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Yes, it is possible to remember past lives and then find proof that old lifetime did exist. The small details are sometimes the greatest rewards in the research. My writings contain information that I couldn't possibly have known and then VOILA there is the information as validation. I have to leave it up to the reader of course to come to their own conclusion, however my past life stories are very convincing.

But what about YOU?


How can a professional psychic, (Tamar working for 39 years) come up with your past life? Actually it has been a long journey because in order to write my book on past lives I had to train myself to 'see' 'sense' and 'know' I wasn't making up the details. I have had many clients, say that they already knew about the life I was telling them about. *my validation once again. During the session I will also answer all questions about the overview of past lives, plus who or what you want to find? Lovers? Children? Parents? You? Your Talents? Your Lessons?

Tamar can also do a meditation regression technique with you so you can find your past life. I can jump into that life when you get stuck and keep the storyline going. The technique I use, gives you the confidence that you are doing it right and you are getting information. I've done these past life meditations for others for years.

These past life sessions are different in price then a regular session. These sessions take 3x the energy for me and I won't do more than 3 past lives for you. Some clients were wanting 5 or 10 past lives. Or if we decide that I'm working to send you energy to stay focused in your meditation state, plus add imput, that's still a lot of energy. Price for 3 past lives or regression is $125. I will usually schedule you a week or two out. You will find that I am very serious, reasonable and the money is more of a respect for talent. The price reflects those three things.

Your book,” My Life As Letty Lind’describes a past life of your in Victorian England- how did you discover this life?

About half of all our homes had Internet access in 1997, that fact is so important because I intuitively got the name Letty Lind before the Internet. I actually was excited that I knew her past life name and traveled from the States to London. I took a cab to an Official Government Building. I spent the whole day turning pages of hand written birth names. The problem was it was Letty’s stage name and not her birth certificate name. Her real name was Letitia Rudge.
Once we had the internet, I was hopeful I could find something.
In about 2003, I typed in Letty Lind and… up came a picture. I was so excited, there was my first proof. So I sent a request to buy that old picture. Now of course there are tons of pictures of Letty online. We do have similar facial features and there’s a picture of the two of us side by side in my book.

• Who was Letty Lind? Letty was an English actress, singer, and dancer, best known for her long running performances at the Gaiety Theatre, London,
• Letty lived from (December 1861 –August 1923), I was born in 1947.

How can you be sure this was a past life?
In 2005, I googled, to find out more information about Letty and found Graeme online, … who told me he was researching Letty Lind’s theater days but he wasn’t going to share that information. He just wanted to know why I was interested and did not hesitate to tell me that (I was daft which means crazy) for believing I was her. But he continued to write me emails anyways.
I saved all those emails, from 2005 on and put them in my book.


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Please do not sign up for a session until you message me, email me or text me for an appointment. *no worries the session always happens at the perfect time, signed the Universe.

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