Tamar will do a past life reading for you or do a meditation so you can find your past life. It will bring up patterns you are working on this life. It's amazing and healing.


Pictures speak a thousand words as in that couldn't be coincidental.

You do a past life regression and you find evidence that says, "yep, that's the right direction".

The above photographs are my proof that was given to let me know for sure I was in Egypt (or Surura) which meant "The One." These physical proofs were a gift for me because I know I have never met the artist of the oil painting of the face that is an oil portrait.  (no worries, I have a the whole photograph of the painting and can show you in person) I never sat for the painting. The photo next to the image with scarf (that's the painting) was taken by a photographer with the exact same lighting when I was 25, I'm now 65 yrs of age. Coincidence? Well, the similarity is perfect for my satisfaction.

took some of the pics off, so they wouldn't be taken. I will show you over skype, facetime or in person.

Sometimes past lives are important, because they contain keys into behaviors this life. I knew I would find more 0f my past life Photo's. That the constant familiarity would keep pointing to, "I've known you before". Past lives are not workable when they become a diversion. However, when they are used a key into you, when you can grow from the wisdom, and when you can stay present healing those past patterns. Then the change in you is worth the journey. It was for me.

Okay, of course I wrote a book about all this..............Reborn in Time


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