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Looking to sell one or all of these porch paintings. Looking for a printing company for notecards. Looking for a gallery show or a individual buyer for a hotels, restaurants, expensive homes. Paintings are copyrighted and can be traced on Google.

Bay Porch (click to enlarge)


Bird House (click to enlarge)


Blue Roses (click to enlarge)

"Bay Porch"


"Bird Houses"


"Blue Roses"



Camden Porch (click to enlarge)


Canada (click to enlarge)


Castle Arren (click to enlarge)

"Camden Porch




"Castle Arren"



Hawaii (click to enlarge)


Ireland Porch (click to enlarge)


Maine Porch (click to enlarge)



"Ireland Porch"





Mull Porch (click to enlarge)


Red Rocker (click to enlarge)


Sedona Porch (click to enlarge)

"Mull Porch"


"Red Rocker"


"Sedona Porch"



St. Michael Porch (click to enlarge)


Yellow House (click to enlarge)


Yucatan Porch (click to enlarge)

"St. Michael Porch"


"Yellow House"


"Yucatan Porch"


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