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Tamar George is known primarily for her watercolor paintings, although she also works in oils and acrylics. 

Tamar is an visionary impressionist who likes to describe her paintings as "inspirational expressions. with a personal commitment to excellence.  Tamar creates her watercolors layer upon layer giving the paintings a depth of color, atmosphere and mood. Her work has been described as "thought provoking" "joyous" and "spectacular."

Her style and enthusiasm for painting are felt in the viewing of the work.

Tamar picked up a paintbrush at age 30 and began to sit down to explore her world.  She discovered each new sheet of paper offers unlimited opportunities for expression, discovery, and exploration. Tamar gets excited when she discovers new things and decided to take chances with her images.

She experimented in creating a visual work that would convey depth and emotion that teaches profound wisdom. Tamar is the consummate mentor in her counseling, writing and artwork. She makes a point of letting you know that she likes to take a subject she feels passionate about and work the paint as close to photo-realism that she can without being a slave to every detail. 

Tamar loves bold and exciting colors above all else and all the emotions it can evoke.  She speaks about the way colors, lights and shadows can interact to create vibrant and dynamic images.  Her creative ideas come from metaphysical concepts she is learning and places she has traveled.  With each new idea she starts collecting images to get the process going.  She looks through old photos, old sketches and begins scribbling ideas on paper.

Her goal always is to produce a painting that is visually exciting and pleasing to the viewer.  Her hope is that the collector who buys her work will find the paintings transformational.

Tamar studied with well known watercolorists, Frank Webb, Nita Engle, Judi Betts, Ray Loose, Claude Crooney, Roberta Carter Clark and William Vrscak.  Her teachers in Acrylic and Oils, were Phil Salvato, Charles Gibbons.


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