Welcome to a healing meditation

We will be focused on the mind, body, emotions of our daily life.

I borrow thoughts and ideas, concepts that have stayed in my mind. I thank the ancient Egyptians, all my teachers,

and my higher self for guiding this meditation.

                    Creation, manifestation, sending energy of healing. Sending energy to your desires.


The Egyptians would carve and paint what they wanted to happen.

Like symbols to represent like action; So think about what you want to have happen.

The Priests or Priestesses didn't stop to think if they deserved what they wanted. They knew they deserved.

There is power in reading the meditation. There is more power if you think about the text,

say it and then hear your self saying it. It is the power of the triunity..

Which is manifestation; Meditation is the ability of the active mind to hold itself in the light.

Imagine a great pyramid of Light.

Imagine your standing on a platform about to receive healing energies. 

(for the highest good)

The night sun rests in the lap of the Earth and it is a joy to stand and breathe under the stars. Just take a deep breath as you pause for a moment and think, I am energy as all things are energy.

I ask to be given the healing energies of power to work with from all Gods and Goddesses and the messengers of Heaven. I ask that these *Great Beings grant me love and light and everlasting health, balance in all things that I do. I also desire to ask to let the door of the perception of truth open and what was hidden from myself

be revealed. Grant me words of transformation and the will of the flesh to make things happen. Let me respect myself by trusting that what I do is true for me and that action then has to be true for others. Let me see my own power in my own eyes and mirror that back to all those I meet. Let me know how to stand in honor of creation.

Out of the darkness comes light and I feel a change in me about to manifest. I know that I am born of the stars, born of the sky, I am a thought that came to past long ago. I am love and shall endure forever. I am light, I am whole. I release myself to destiny with the realization not to chase after things that won't make me happy in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

May all the cells of my body listen to the creative power of my mind and receive the healing energy that is being directed to myself by the power I have called forth. May the cells of my body receive the energy of thosewho have sent energy to work for my highest good.

May my mind understand what my heart does all ready. May my heart also remember what was promised to all of us as the great sons and daughters of the Sun. That from the divine light of Source, we may receive healing energy that is one with our divine blueprint and our purpose here on Earth. We need only ask and be open enough to receive this unconditional healing love of balance. 

The loving trust which I feel allows that energy to flow in to me and fill up my body with golden light as I receive that light with love. I use this golden light and spread it through my body generously for those areas in my body and in my life that need balance.

May this light continue to shine on me and in me. May I come and go in and out of Heaven through the gates of starlight.

May I know how to be grateful so I can recognize the miracles created each moment just for me. Every day the Universe creates one miracle after the other in my life.

May I let go of expectations and my judgments that things are not working out the way my planning thought they would. Because all things in my life are helping me work something through to gain wisdom even if I don't see that wisdom in the moment.

Every single word I utter with conscious awareness causes change. As I feel the change occurring, the healing power shivers out from my heart back into my being causing a gentle loving vibration.

I am air and flame, water and dust. I am light and love*.

Let me hear what Goddess's hear and see what God's see. Let me stand in light, bathed in light, clothe in light. Living love in all my moments. Focused on wholeness with every breath.

Let me be grateful, that a change has come about, within my heart, my mind and in my body in this moment. Like the body of the sky I am filled with light.

I am a diamond, a bright secret veiled in a dark cloth. I am a column of gold arising from the earth to touch the stars. I am made of stardust. I am my own becoming. I am love.  I am grateful.  I am the essence of thankfulness for this prayer and my becoming.

                             If you have any healing intentions for the planet and others, now is a good time to state those here and now.

And don't forget to thank yourself and those energies that just gave to you as you were stating your intent. Thankfullness always beget's more in the cycle of like attracting like energy.

And ending it with So be it, So be it, So be it...(3times) is a saying that empowers what you just did.





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