About Tamar: Tamar has been a psychic coach for 39 yrs, working with her channeling abilityís. She is an author, artist and public speaker. She leads a Peace movement in Pittsburgh, Pa called Peaceburgh.

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Fall 2021 - Winter 2022

Classes are private or 2 or 3 other people: (design your class)

(maybe two hour 1/2) class or a Saturday with short breaks in the class.

1person: 3hours $150

2 or 3 people $75 each.

The above goes for all classes listed below:

Goddess Master Class

(or how to empower our warrior goddess energy)

Tamar George 412-389-067

202/2022 is about incoming energy that is affecting our planet NOW. It is Divine Creative Goddess Energy that is being sent by Source.

We will discuss how the changes of this year are affecting us and how our world is standing at a precipice, a place of choice.
We are being encouraged to channel our energy so that we can make a difference and redirect our emotions away from drama. We can do this by using our imagination and push the fantastical. When we fully engage in this process we will activate chemical releases in our bodies. Channeling this incoming energy will heal parts of us that need healing.

No matter where you are on the path, you will have
to fasten your seat belts as Tamar takes you up and down a fast ride of
powering up your authentic Goddess self. This class is a master class on creative Goddess Energy.

Chakras Reading

Learn how to use your intuition or let Tamar read what is going on in each chakras?

Your fears create your health? What are they?


2021 is about working in Unity

Are you happy working with the group that you in?

The Aquarian Age is all about Unity. A 'group' is your family, your work, your yoga group, your condo association, your town, etc.

How can you best provide, leadership and direction for your group. Please come and share your story of the group your in and get feed back from Tamar and others. Tamar was given the task by Spirit to work with a group in Unity for the last 30 years to set a new pattern for humanity to work in Unity. Tamar has the answers because she had all the lessons.

There will be alot of sharing and laughter.


Past Life regression. (Reincarnation)

Private or Group ...If gather your friends,

there is more power getting information when working with others in group energy...you gets answers on why you have reincarnated?

You will have a key into your soul's evolution. It will be totally safe and fun. We will go after that past life when you were amazing!

Tamar has proof of her past lives that she will breifly share about finding proof.

Book "Reborn in Time"

History through past lives. Tamar will talk about and the difficulty of channeling and being in two places at once while writing "Reborn in Time": The heroine travels through past lives as Persephone, an Atlantean, a Celtic Druid's lifetime, a Mayan King's lifetime and King Hatshepsut's of the 18th Dynasty in Egypt. This is a true story recaptured through past life regression. Readers will learn the secrets of the ancients, their beliefs, rituals, sexual practices and mystic teachings. Tamar answers the questions that everyone who has written a book has been asking about Ancient Aliens, Ancient Civilizations, and The Shining Ones.


Sacred Prayer for Self and others?
Sacred Prayer is an active mind in the act of meditation. Have you ever wanted time to work with your desire to heal yourself, others and the world you live in? This is an hour just for those intentions.
Question: "What can someone expect? What will they benefit?"
Tamar: "You will 'get' answers in this active meditation. We will acess the Source Field. Prayer/Meditation is no longer an inactive process because it is an active process. Yes, you still quiet down, but it is an active time to pay attention to what is really important to you. What is extremely important is to have *time for a conversation with you and Spirit. To send energy to your requests. And then watch the miracles happen.
Question: "Why can you do this?
"I have been doing creative visualizations which are inspired by a communion of the highest connection to Spirit for years. The visualizations are quite emotionally beautiful and full of descriptive pictures. They are always different because they are being channeled, they are healing because the mind has the ability to heal. My desire is to work with the energy we can power up and create by gathering together in Unity. We have also been working on getting more information from Spirit and that has been working beautifully as a merger with one another. That group energy will be the push for the door to open for others.
Question: "How will all that channeling ability work for the healing hour?"
Tamar: "Those that come for the hour will get the benefit of all this intuitive creativity. I will weave all my psychic ability with the ability to interact with what is desired from each person's wishes. For example; for their own healing, another's healing and then we will end with a healing for the Earth.
Question: "How will that really benefit my own healing and others healing?"
Tamar: "Meditative prayer is energy and prayer that is done repetitively brings results. The idea is; with all this focus intensity and the tremendous power that will be built, that energy will have the ability to affect personal and planetary energy."

Goddess Energy Paintings w/Tamar

Goddess Art: Explore your inner goddess and paint your own energy or anotherís energy using chakras colors, ascension chakras colors, metallics, glitter and other mediums! You donít have to know how to paint to do this class, you just know how to play with your inner creative child, which than opens you up to manifest what you want in the world.

Art supplies will be provided:


Relationship karma 101

Tamar has been a relationship coach for 39 years, what are the questions most people ask and what are the answers most people 'get' from Spirit.

This will be a fun 3 hour's where you can ask questions also about relationships.

It's All about Relationships: Who you are attracting and Why?

Let's examine the patterns and stop the same old same old...




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