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Professional Psychic for 34 years,... no problems connecting in to you or anyone via phone.                 

July, August (dealing with health issues) 2019  Doing sessions again in September, 2019



My psychic gifts have tripled in the last year with all the incoming change energy. Sure you can go to a fair/or bookstore. Most of those psychics can just read cards. I can read your energy and people I have never met. I can read purpose, beliefs, fears, what's manifesting in the now, past lives, physical energy stuff and on and on and on.

if you can text or email. I will do an In Person or Phone readings; we can do every video app as a way to connect. I have a iphone and ipad and all the latest apps to 'see' you on video or (skype you) on a laptop. Lets make this easy, or just talk on the phone without video. I can connect to your energy on the phone. Also paypal is safe, I've been using it for many years, I can return money if you can't keep the appointment. You can do this, its why your reading this. Spirit got you here, because you were asking.............

........$55 an hour......

Please email or text so we can talk about a time that will work for both of us. List 3 times you are available, *saves time.

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cell phone: 412-389-0679 - or pick up and call my cell phone for next available time.

Pay Pal takes visa or mastercard. I have never heard a complaint from my clients about signing up. Click on the link below, paypal INSTRUCTIONS: enter description (reading) –price per item ($55) – (only 1) and then click on continue– It updates what you will be charged and takes you to the next page for credit card...enter ccard (totally safe) and then scroll to click finish. You must click finish....then immediately sends me and email and I send you back a reply--- got it, our session will be _(time)______. If you make a mistake I can refund it. But you get time to check for errors before clicking finish.

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Pay Pal takes visa or mastercard.

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No hidden costs by phone, or in person, I'm a real person, with real integrity. This will work!! Your on this web page reading this for a reason. We all need spirit's guidance. I have been doing this work for 32 years.


TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

Thank you so much for the clarity you brought to me last night. I will thank you further by referring you fervently! C.W.

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

(after phone session) I couldn't understand why you wanted questions until I did some self talk? What did I want? Why was my relationship driving me crazy? What was I missing? And than you patiently answered those questions in the most loving insightful way. I could hear spirit through your voice, the direction, wisdom, clarity were all there. I understood my relationship better than I ever have. You were able to merge with my significant other and tell me what they were going through and why they made certain choices I couldn't understand. You didn't predict what you couldn't (because of their free will), but based on repeat, repeat, repeat, those choices would likly continue unless I stood up for myself and renegotiated with them. I did just that and I'm out of the huge funk I was in. This email is to say thank you for doing what you do, even though it must be exhausting listening to everybody's sad story and having to be so upbeat all the time? But don't stop! I'll be calling again. H.B. Philadelphia

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

"I had been resisting what you told me in our session, but I had a major breakthrough after we spoke about a direction to go in. I decided to check it out and the training program is exactly what I want and need. This process with you lit a fire in me that I forgot so long ago. Now I'm working on getting rid of my fears that have stopped me for so long." C.B. Pgh

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

"A phone reading is perfect. I had a session with you before over the phone and the information was invaluable to me. Mostly I would like the reading to focus on relationships and strange happenings in my life right now." what she emailed after the reading. "Spending time on the phone with you is like ten years of therapy in an hour!"T.M.

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

"Of all you've done in my case, I think what I most appreciate is the opportunity you offered to make the session interactive. I assumed that someone who work's with their psychic gifts (does the reading) and then people like myself just don't quite catch on that they need to make the information workable and productive for themselves. We are such a consumer oriented society that we hope to get our money's worth without our own input? It seems to me that you set this up to minimize this misuse of readings and this makes you different. You've helped facilitate a conversation between me and the Universe. What more could I ask for? I also appreciate the overall quality of your reading, you answered all my questions with astounding intuition with great advice on what to do next...thanks Tamar!" T.K., Washington, DC.

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

"I have grown spiritually, emotionally, and professionally with your help. You have shown me the process by which I can use to live my life in harmony & love (also to get over my stuff!). Assisting me in finding, claiming, & understanding my power and how to not give that power away but to use it as a positive, constructive, & loving force. I know you will care for me and will always have my best interest at the center of your heart. The best part in our work together is YOU and you always give me an honest assessment! Which I respect & love. KP Ohio

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

"I believe that I would very much like to hear what you have to say, today. You did a reading for me once a few years ago, and at that time I did not want to hear the things that you had said. However, once I had time to reflect on the depth of it. I became a more complete person in some ways. The session altered the way that I had looked at things and allowed me to open myself up more,... so that I got more out of my life. Recently I have been feeling that I need to open myself up even more and really look at my life. There are new beginnings happening for me at this point in my life and I want to know how to 'proceed' with them." NZ mother of two, Pgh

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:


I just wanted to thank you. Our last session really helped me in a lot of ways. Your spirit guides were right about my boyfriend - he has completely shut down and, I believe, given up. I hate the thought that love isn't always enough - sometimes, no matter how much you want something, it isn't meant to be. It is extremely difficult and sad, but for the first time I have some hope. Not that things will work out with us, but that I will be okay by myself. Deep down, I never truly believed that I was worth living for just me. I did not feel as though I could overcome my depression, anxiety, and sensitive nature. I wanted to believe that perhaps these were actually gifts in disguise, but chastised myself for thinking that I was somehow "special" or more spiritually connected than other people. You helped me to see that we all have our own journeys in life, and that we all are, at our core, beautiful and good. And that it isn't arrogant to think that I am special, and that I can help myself and others in a positive way. As a highly introspective individual, I have had all of these thoughts before, but meeting with you really helped to reinforce the positive. I know as well that soul vs. human ego is a daily battle, but never before did I truly feel like it was a battle that could be won. Thank you again for helping me to believe in myself and to believe that every person has a purpose - we just need to try our best to make positive choices.

Take care,

A –Pgh, Pa

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

"Tamar, you and spirit give the tools to apply everyday and that gives me real hope in my life. That I can do it. You aren't sitting there predicting things I could never make happen, you are giving me the tools to make it happen." .......................CW, New York, New York.

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

A sweet loving testimonial: ..."a lot of whom I am today I contribute to you and your teachings of love. Since I started doing sessions with you, you have given me all that you know to guide me into the person I am and will be in the future. And as I write this, I have tears in my eyes, they are symbols of my gratitude, respect and love for you, Tamar. Because of your wisdom and ability to communicate your messages of love, I am a better mom, wife, friend, and person. I am forever thankful." BarbieC, Pittsburgh, Pa

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

"You can see the past like nobody I've ever known. You make the hairs stand up on my arms when you talk about past patterns of beliefs in my life!" W K, Pittsburgh, PA

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:

Hello Tamar, my name is ________. I met you several years ago for a reading, in _____. I was quite misguided at that point in my life. Since our last meet, Ive healed my marriage, completed my graduate degree and became a professional counselor, started a practice and became a yoga teacher too ! Now Im entering a new life transition and would appreciate some guidance. Thank you for your time and listening, bdl

TESTIMONY'S on e-mail:


Just wanted to say thank you for the reading.
Excited to read your book. A. Pgh


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