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Written, presented and produced by Tamar George

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Manifesting love into your life is a very creative act... receiving divine inspiration from Higher Sources is the key. This video provides a direct link into the loop of that Magic of the Angelic realms. All artists have received help to create their masterpieces.

The Awakening discusses how to tap into that help and use it to manifest prosperity within all areas of your life. "Awakening to the truth within the illusion" speaks of having it all by co-creating with the Universe or your own Source of Inspiration. Money, successful relationships and recognition are all within your reach. The artist, Tamar George, shows you that the stars are waiting right at your fingertips for you to awaken from your deep sleep to experience them.

Psychic art is a label that could describe Tamarís work, but it is more than visionary art. It is the sacred mysteries painted in symbolism. The teachings are so profound and yet seem so simple when integrated into your life. These symbols are of the same creation substance that was used in the sacred mystery schools - the symbolic knowing that the Atlanteans, Celts, Mayans and Egyptians had.

Even if you believe you have a grasp on the concept of prayer, the laws of attraction, divine intervention and the sacred mysteries, you will still gain something of great value from this video. Consider the old saying, "If I could just see it, I would believe it."

This video reveals the thoughts, emotions and perplexities of someone born clairvoyant. Tamar developed her expanded consciousness over many years of self-mastery. Tamar George is not only an artist; she is a counselor, healer, lecturer, and mystic teacher.

This tape will stimulate discussion and reflection as well as life-changing results.

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Art: copyright of Tamar George